AHA MEDIA now has its own Livestream site :)

Hello everybody!

Today, AHA MEDIA created a new site in which you can see our livestreams of events, people, places and things.

We hope you enjoy our footage while  using Mobile Muse’s software Livecast as we explore and learn more about livestreaming using our HTC Touch phones.

AHA MEDIA is very pleased to announce that we will be mentored by Jean Hebert of Mobile Muse http://www.clicknoise.net 🙂

In this photo, April Smith and Hendrik Beune livestream for PopVox awards for Vancouver Digital Week 09.

April and Hendriik livestreaming taken by Gillian Shaw

We are  proud to work as livestream camera operators for the following

Fearless City http://www.fearlesscity.ca/mobile

W2  http://wwwcreativetechnology.org

Mobile Muse http://www.mobilemuse.ca

To see our livestreams – they are housed at http://www.youtube.com/AHALivestream .

To see our live twitter: @Live_Stream


 In this photo, April Smith, Hendrik Beune and Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA just finished livestreaming at PopVox awards for Vancouver Digital Week 09

April, Hendrik, Peter

Thanks very much for supporting our journey through digital technology! 🙂